We are specialising in new roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, panel glide blinds, timber venetian blinds, aluminum venetian blinds, zera shade, veri shade.

Blockout Plains & Textures Roller Blinds

Our collection of plain and textured blockout roller blinds stops the sun in its tracks to keep your home perfectly shaded all year long. They’re great for bedrooms, where they’ll look modern and stylish and keep the sun from interrupting your slumber. They’re great in bathrooms too, giving you plenty of privacy.

Zebra Roller Blinds with a Twist

Our collection of Enjoy zebra roller blinds put you in complete control. Double-layered, you can line up the sheer and opaque strips in any way you want to let in as much light as you need. That means you can enjoy the view, enjoy the sun or enjoy your privacy all with one blind. Pick from our Enjoy Dimouts with Blockout backing or our regular Enjoys with lovely light filtering fabric.

Light Filtering Thermal Honeycomb Blinds

Light filtering honeycomb blinds are great in so many ways. First off, they look stunning, coming in a gentle palette of colours to bring complete harmony to your surroundings. Then the little honeycomb pockets trap the air for thermal protection while letting a drop of light drift on through.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Love the light but prize your privacy? Well, as if by magic, with these blinds you can have your cake and eat it too. Our Sunscreen Roller Blinds allow plenty of light into your home while protecting you from harsh glare and UV rays. They also stop Peeping Toms from peering in.

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